Western Lace-up Men’s Leather Shirt – Fringed Trapper’s Shirt

Authentic western leather lace-up trapper's shirt, leather
The ultimate old west shirt, leather, fringe, lace-up front,
authentic western trapper’s shirt.

You just don’t get more rugged, or more stylish, than this.

This authentic original pattern is more than 110 years old!

The shirt features a leather thong lace-up front/collar and
sides, full, long leather fringe across front and back yoke,
and an acetate lined yoke and shoulder area.

Fine soft boar leather is lightly sueded for looks and comfort.

This shirt lasts and lasts through heavy use. Over time,
the finish weathers to a rugged luster that guarantees
admiring looks from all those around you.

Straight cut body allows easy movement and resists
bunching and riding up.

Whether you wear this on horseback or on a night on the
town,this is the shirt to recall old west frontiersmen,
mountain men and fur trappers of the north west.


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Shirt body is Boar Suede with Acetate lined shoulder and yoke area.