Western Bib Shirt, Men’s

This is the shirt made famous by John Wayne, made by the company that made the originals
that John Wayne wore in some of his movies. Western bib shirt black

Western bib shirt red

Western bib shirt natural

Western bib shirt navy

Western bib shirt brown

A rugged brushed twill cotton shirt with tapered classic western bib front panel and authentic pewter buttons.
This is the iconic western cowboy shirt worn by working cowboys, lawmen, western movie heroes, and desperadoes.
The style has been popular for more than 100 years.

The bib design gives great protection from wind and weather without the heavy added weight of a full jacket
or extra vest. The tapered bib makes the wearer look slimmer in the waist and broad across the shoulders.

100% cotton twill – Made in the USA



$79.95 plus S&H


There are many variations of this shirt style. Some have narrower bibs. Many have a squared off lower edge
to the bib itself (no center button). Several style variations have been worn in western movies and original
designs varied. Perhaps no one design can be considered to be most authentic. However, this particular shirt,
by this manufacturer, has been made using the same original patterns that have been used since the early
1900s (approx. 1904). The full cut body and generous sleeve length are sized the same as they were back then.