String Tie – 1800s, Men’s


Western String Tie – RW189


Old West String Tie, solid colors


Old West String Tie, dual, Western, Edwardian, Victorian, narrow neckband, solid colors.


This tie should actually be called a “Kentucky Gentleman’s” Tie. It is very similar to a Western string and is one of the most versatile of western era ties. Worn through current times, the Kentucky tie can be worn with informal clothing, appropriate for business of social occasions. Worn as daily wear in the old west and satisfied Edwardian and Victorian style requirements. Kentucky ties can be worn with Frock coat or duster, day coat or tails, vest, and a variety of shirt collar styles and is your best choice if you are not planning to wear a coat or vest. It easily adapts to informal attire.


Kentucky ties offer endless opportunity for personalization. Variations in knots and bow lengths can be altered to your personal preferences.


Made in the USA
Colors: Black & Red
Sizes: One size


Price: $14.95
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