Puff Tie, Men’s 1800s


Western Puff Tie – RW064


Western Puff Tie, Edwardian, 1800s

Puff Tie, solid colors


Old West Puff Tie, Cravat, Edwardian, Victorian, Wide with 1” neckband, solid colors.


Puff ties (Cravats) are one of the more formal of western era ties. Worn through current times, the puff tie was predominant in the old west and satisfied Edwardian and Victorian styles.


Puff ties are easy to tie and usually worn with a simple tie pin. Wing collar or tab collar shirts work best, but puff ties can also be worn with point or Windsor collars.


Made in the USA
Colors: Black Grey, Red, Taupe
Sizes: One size


Price: $19.95
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